No Report Wizard in the Thomson Excel add-in?

Sometimes the report wizard isn”t visible after installing the Thomson One Banker Excel add-in. This is what you can do to make it visible:

  1. Open the tab Tools and choose add-ins
  2. When you can see ThomsonAnalytics Report Wizard you have to mark it and click OK
  3. When it’s not there you’ll have to add it manually: click Browse
  4. Most people have to go to C:\Program Files\Thomson Financial\Thomson ONE Analytics for Office to find the Report Wizard, but this depends on your actions during the installation of the Excel add-in
  5. The add-ins have the extensions .xla. Click on TFExcelReportWizard.xla and click OK
  6. Don’t forget to mark this add-in and click OK

Now you should see the Report Wizard!

Using the the Dutch Excel? Go to Extra > Invoegtoepassin gen en klik op de knop Bladeren.


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