Searching for M&A’s by CUSIP-6

In Deals Analysis – Advanced M&A Search you can search by 6-digit CUSIP: first you have to select Company Info > Name. There you’ll find a small link Import (next to the Search button) where you can paste your CUSIPs or tickers.

Unfortunately, when you for exemple enter the CUSIP of Microsoft, the program will also search for all M&A of the underlying companies as well, and that’s not always the goal of the search. There is one way to limit the number of companies: under the Selected Items box you can choose ‘Search Using selected’ or ‘Search Using Parents’. I think you should choose the last option.

You can also add another search item: the public status of the acquiror. There you can exclude the joint ventures, mutually owned and subsidiaries.

However,  I still found some “unexpected” companies (Expedia Inc) in the list. Does anyone have a better solution?


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