World Development Indicators

Exporting data from WDI (World Development Indicators) goes often wrong: depending on the settings of Internet Explorer you can’t export data and even when you can the data in the Excel-sheet differs from the figures on the screen. Try for example inflation: on the screen it’s 2,4 but in Excel it’s 242.818.089.095.829.

I was searching for a solution, and found one: using WDI from the website of the World Bank gives better information, at least in Excel.  The link is:

The interface looks the same, except for the last page, where you can format the report, but there is an button Export.

When someone needs more than 9 digits behind the comma, it’s better to use WDI from the list of databases. Maybe it’s better to change the link in this list of databases?


2 thoughts on “World Development Indicators

  1. As of today the first of July 2010, the link of the paid database is replaced with a new link to the free-of-charge WDI website, which you already mentioned in your post.

    The WorldBank has made WDI and GDF freely available. The E-library we still have to pay for. New content like Africa Development Indicators (ADI) is added to that platform.

  2. Unfortunately, you can’t change the output in Excel when you do a ‘bulk-export’. You’ll get the countries and items vertically, and the years horizontally.

    If you want to change that, you can use formatted reports, and then download the data country by country!

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