Problem with Thomson One Banker Excel add-in – solved?

I had a major problem with the report wizard in the Excel add-in of Thomson One Banker: a curline error made it impossible to download data for a specific list of companies.

I think the reason of the error is somehow in that particular list of companies, because the error appeared in Excel 2003 and 2007 and on multiple computers. This is the solution I came up with: I downloaded the list from the server, used the PFDL-function to request the Worldscope name and WorldscopeID (WS.EntityName and WS.WorldscopeID). Then I deleted the companies without a name and ID and uploaded the new list to the server of Thomson. That cleaned list gave no problems.


5 thoughts on “Problem with Thomson One Banker Excel add-in – solved?

  1. To the best of my knowledge, for the time being, The T1 Excel add-in cannot provided time series data for stocks that are currently (as of today) Inactive / “Dead” (i.e. currently delisted from an exchange).

    Therefore, there is a chance that the stocks that created the problem and you had to wipe out in order to go through belonged to this Inactive / Dead category.

    You can check whether this is true ?

    • We use the Thomson One Banker Excel add-in to download annual report data, like net income and long term debt. There are 89 currently inactive companies in the list we used, but for these companies we could download historical data from the annual report. Unless the inactive date was before or within our time frame of course, but in that case the output is #N/B.

    • No, we don’t know. According to the website they have a ‘timely update cycle’. Due to the normalization of the data (so you can compare data from different countries) Worldscope probably has to work on the data and that will take some time. If you need to know the update schedule, please contact Worldscope themselves.

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