Joint ventures in Zephyr

Thé database to find Joint Ventures is SDC Platinum. If you choose to use Zephyr instead (there can be good reasons to do so, for example because Zephyr is available from any computer and offers ISIN-codes – we haven’t been able to compare the databases in depth yet), there is one important step you have to take:

After entering your search criteria (for example deal type (= Joint Ventures of course), data range, industry, etc) you have to click “View List of Deals” to see the overview of the Joint Ventures. This output can be confusing, because the naming is based on M&A deals. When you select joint ventures Acquiror means Participants and Target refers to the Joint Venture itself. Unfortunately the default setting for Acquiror name is “Display the first line only”, so you’ll see just one name.  

You have to adjust this manually: Click next to the list of results the link “Add” to add columns. Behind Acquiror name you have to click the link Modify; there you have to mark “Display all the values” to see all names.


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