Saving in the deals analysis modules of Thomson One Banker

Although there is a save button in the deals modules of Thomson One Banker (for example the M&A search), you can’t really save anything there. At least, we aren’t able to find it back ;). There is a workaround, so when you want to add a variable to your output, or introduce an extra search criterium, you don’t have to repeat all steps you took earlier.

In the report you create, you have to add the variable ‘SDC Deal number’, this is a ‘Unique nine digit number assigned to every individual transaction’. If you afterwards want to request additional variables, you can upload this list of numbers in Step 1 of the search in the deals module.

  • You can select the criterium ‘SDC Deal no’ under Deal Info.
  • Click in the pop-up screen the link Import and paste the number you downloaded before (you can add up to 250 codes in 1 request).
  • Then click Validate en when the list is validated OK.



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