Saving searches and reports in the Deals Analysis module of Thomson

In the Deals Analysis module of Thomson One Banker, where you can search for M&A’s, IPO’s etc., you can’t save searches or reports to re-use them later (there is a button Save, but we aren’t able to find saved searches back).

Fortunately, in the new version of Thomson, ThomsonOne, this problem is solved: you know can save searches and reports and find them back later to make adjustments. Just click the button Save, create or open your own folder and save the search or report.

Saved searches can be opened again by using the Open button in the right upper corner of an advanced search.

To re-open a saved report, don’t click the link Create New, but choose Open Custom and browse to your report.

In ThomsonOne, the place of the deals analysis searches has changed a bit: you can find them under ‘Screening and Analysis’ in the column at the left side of the screen. From there, choose Deals & League Tables.


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