Rebasing indices in Datastream

Under the Function button in Datastream a lot of useful options are hidden. One of them is the option to rebase an index: you can choose the date this index is rebased to 100.

These are the steps you have to take:

  • Open Time Series Request in Datastream
  • Enter the code of the index or use Find Series to find the code
  • Click behind Datatypes/Expressions the Fx-button
  • Search for Rebase
  • Use for example REB#(expression,date) and click OK

  • Enter the date behind Date (in this format: dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Click OK – the function is entered behind Datatypes/Expressions

  • Enter your start- and enddate
  • Click Submit – the data download starts


3 thoughts on “Rebasing indices in Datastream

  1. Hi, thanks for the post. I have time series exchange rate data from two sources with two different base years and I want to join them. One is from 1971-2002 (base year, 1996) and the other is from 1999-2011 (base year 2000). I want my new base year to be 2000 for instance. How should I proceed? Thanks in advance!

    • I’m not sure you can use this Rebase function in Datastream for exchange rates, because this function always rebases to 100.
      If that’s what you want, then you can follow the steps as described in the blogpost.
      Otherwise, you can rebase with the use of Excel, for example:

      A B Rebase A to B formula
      1996 101 62 60.6 (B2*$C$6)/$B$6
      1997 102 63 61.2 (B3*$C$6)/$B$6
      1998 97 55 58.2 (B4*$C$6)/$B$6
      1999 99 58 59.4 (B5*$C$6)/$B$6
      2000 100 60 60 (B6*$C$6)/$B$6
      2001 101 61 60.6 (B7*$C$6)/$B$6
      2002 104 53 62.4 (B8*$C$6)/$B$6
      2003 103 67 61.8 (B9*$C$6)/$B$6

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