Enhancements to Datastream Navigator – Searching & Finding

Datastream Navigator has been enhanced. Important changes in searching and finding the codes you need to download data from Datastream are:

  • The Explorer function that was available for some Data Categories, like Economics, is no longer available. The Explorer is now incorporated in the Search option: you’ll see a small link Explore above the search bar. The Advanced Search, where you can search with particular fields, is still available.
  • When you use Search to find your series, you can use the column at the left side of the results (under Refine Search) to filter by include or by excluding certain search options. Click the +/- link to get this list.
  • Interest Rates and Exchange Rates are deleted from the Economics part of the Navigator. Of course these series can still be found in the specific data categories Interest Rates and Exchange Rates.
  • In some cases you’ll see a small excel icon at the right side of the grey All results bar. This allows you to quickly download the names and mnemonics of the list of series on your screen.

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