Comparing industry codes

Most financial databases assign industry codes to companies, for example based on the Standard Industry Classification (SIC) or the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB). This helps you find companies in a particular industry.

Orbis offers a ‘Industry Codes Conversion’ tool: you enter for example a SIC code and you can get the NAICS code for the same industry.

You can find this tool in Orbis, under the Help button. Click Tools and select the tool.

First select the industry classification you want to use and enter the code(s) used in that industry classification.

In the next step, choose the industry classification(s) you want to convert to.

The results can look like this (when you click on the picture it will enlarge):

Please note: the ICB classification is not available in this conversion tool.


2 thoughts on “Comparing industry codes

  1. Is there a way to lookup the ICB codes of companies via company identifiers (cusip/isin) or SIC industry codes?

    • With the ISIN-codes of the companies already available, the easiest way to get ICB Industry or IBC Subsector codes is by using the Thomson One Banker Excel add-in. ICBIndustry and ICBSubsector are available items.
      If you need the sectors and supersectors as well, than you have to do a Static Request in Datastream, also with the ISIN-codes as input. The datatypes are ICB industry code, ICB sector code, ICB subsector code and ICB supersector code. Make sure you pick the datatypes with a symbol that starts with ICB.

      I couldn’t find a concordance table between SIC and ICB (such tables says: SIC code XXXX = IBC code YYYY).

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