FAQ: Was a deal paid for in cash or stocks?

When you search for M&A’s in ThomsonOne, information about the payment can be difficult to find, because you need to know the term used in ThomsonOne. This database calls this ‘Consideration’ (according to the Oxford English Dictionary one of its meanings is “Something given in payment; a reward, remuneration; a compensation, equivalent”).

If you want to use the consideration to limit your search results, go in the Item List to Deal Info > Consideration. Under Consideration sought you can for example limit the results to ‘cash only’ deals. You can also go to the Item Search and enter Consideration as a search term, then you get more options.

In your report with the details about the deals you can add these items as well. If you want to know the percentage paid in cash, stocks, other and unknown, type behind Search Criteria Percentage to get these 4 data items.

See also the EDSC manual on M&A deals.


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