How can I download compensation data of CEO’s from ExecuComp?

In ExecuComp you can find executive compensation data collected directly from each company’s annual proxy. Covered are the companies in the S&P 1500 plus companies that were once part of the 1500 plus companies removed from the index that are still trading.  ExecuComp collects up to 9 executives for a given year, though most companies do only report 5, so that’s not only data for the CEO, but also the CFO, senior vice president etc.

How can you get only the data for the CEO’s? One way is to download the data for all executives and filter by CEO afterwards. This means you have to make sure you cán limit by CEO, so make sure you add the item CEOANN to your output. The definition of CEOANN is: “CEO” in this field indicates that this person was the CEO for all or most of the indicated fiscal year.

You can also limit the request by adding a conditional statement at step 2 of the request. In that case select CEOANN from the dropdown menu, change > into =, and enter CEO in the box behind =.  In your output you’ll only get the requested variables for the person who was for all or most of the fiscal year the CEO of the company.


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