Problem with downloading ‘date’ items with the Thomson Excel add-in

Do you want to download ‘date’ items, like EPS Report date or Fiscal Year End,  from Thomson Financial or Worldscope with the Thomson One Banker Excel add-in? When you use the Report Wizard to get this data, you might notice that you often get just 1 observation, only the first observation in your report.

An example:

The other dates are available, but they are not shown in this report (we contacted Thomson about this, but they can’t offer a solution now).

You can get this data, by using the PFDL-function instead of the Report Wizard. The PFDL-function is also part of the Thomson One Banker Excel add-in. In the output from the Report Wizard you should have all necessary information to use this function: the expression (that’s the item, like ws.epsreportdate), the period, like Q1Y10, and the key, the identifier of the company.

Please check our manual on how to use this PFDL function for more information.


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