Worldscope data in Datastream

The database Worldscope offers annual and quarterly report data, like sales, net income and total assets. This data can be accessed with the Thomson One Banker Excel add-in.

Worldscope data is also, but partly, available inDatastream. If you want to download this data from Datastream, please note the following:

  • We only have access to the data items in bold. When you select in Datastream Navigator a non-bold item, you’ll get an error message for that item in your output. In most cases, the non-bold data items can be downloaded from Thomson. Unfortunately you can’t search by WC code in the Excel add-in of Thomson, but you can check this WC code in the definition of the items in the Excel add-in of Thomson.
  • If you want quarterly data, you have to select the correct datatype in Datastream. In Datastram Navigator check at the top of the screen what is selected behind Worldscope Report Type: If you want quarterly data, you have to change Annual into All or Interim to find the datatype and select the Interim datatype (with the A at the end of the Mnemonic). In most cases Interim means quarterly, but it can also mean semi-annual.
    When you select the annual datatype and request the data on a quarterly basis in Datastream, you will see that the annual value is repeated for each quarter. Please note: You won’t be able to see this when you change the currency in Datastream (due to changes in the exchange rate).

Worldscope & DS2


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