FAQ: Executive compensation of European companies

In our new database, Capital IQ – People Intelligence, you can find compensation data for non-American companies. You can find this database in WRDS, under CompuStat. People Intelligence consists of three datasets:

  • Compensation Detail – for example the excercise price of options recieved
  • Compensation Summary  – with salary, bonus, total cash compensation, exercisable options etc.
  • Professional – information about the person, like the function start and end day.

The data is collected from a variety of sources, like SEC-filings, newswires, company websites and surveys. For non-US and non-Canadian companies, the sources are less structured in comparison to the USA and Canada, so it’s possible your company is not in the database or that information is incomplete.

Please note:

  • You can upload GVKeys, ISIN and CIK codes of the companies – but unfortunately you can only add GVKey to your ouput.
  • You can use 9-digit CUSIP codes as well.
  • The output is based on persons, so you can get multiple rows per year per company for the compensation databases
  • The currencies are shown as numbers. The help file doesn’t include a list of which number refers to which currency. However, you can find the currency in this file: currency code (in this file you can also find the country codes).

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