Dates in the Eventus Cross-Sectional Analysis output

When you use the Cross-Sectional Analysis – Daily in Eventus the output is a SAS-file with the CARs per event (see this post). The SAS-file can be converted into a SPSS file and from there into an Excel-file, but then you’ll get dates that are very different from the ones you expect. The dates are numbers and when you change the format of the cells into dates you get dates long before your event dates.

For example: the entered event date is August 3, 1998 (19980803 in the text-file used as input). In the Excel-file the number in the column Event Dat is 14094. When you change the format into a date it’s August 2, 1938!

This is caused by a different counting of dates: SAS starts counting days on 1/1/1960, that’s day 1. Excel starts counting on 1/1/1900; in Excel 1/1/1960 is 21916. That is the number (21916) you have to add to the number in the Excel-sheet. To get the correct date notation, use Format Cells > Date.

vb eventus dates

The red columns where added to the output by us, in the red row you see the example mentioned in the text.

If this doesn’t help, you can send the SAS-file to the Datateam, then we can convert it to Excel. In that case make sure the name of the file has no spaces.


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