Looking for companies in the Fortune 500 (US)?

The Fortune 500 is available on the website of CNN Money, but unfortunately no company identifiers are added to the company names. This makes it impossible to upload this list of companies into a financial database.

This is a workaround: the database Corporate Library, part of WRDS, has an item called ‘IndexFortune”. When you add this variable to your output you will get the rank of the company within the Fortune 1000. You can download the entire database and then select the companies ranked between 1 and 500.

Please note: We checked this for the Fortune 500 on the website: when you download data for 2011 from Corporate Library, you will get the Fortune 500 of 2010. We checked the first 100 companies – the ranking in Corporate Library is the same, but 6 companies are missing. Some seem to be private companies, other can be found manually.

From Corporate Library you can get the tickers, CUSIPs (9-digit) and CIK codes of the companies. These can be used in other databases.

corporate library



2 thoughts on “Looking for companies in the Fortune 500 (US)?

    • When you have access to Corporate Library/GMI Ratings you can download the CIK numbers from Corporate Library/GMI Ratings – make sure you mark the item CIK to get the CIK-codes in your output. You can find CIK in the box General Information.

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