Problems with running reports in ThomsonOne M&A, Equity & Loans

We have received complaints about the downloading of reports from ThomsonOne > Screening and Analysis > Deals and League Tables > M&A, Equity or Loans > Advanced search. In some cases, after hitting Execute the screen under the tab Results stays blank. Some users have sent us their searches and reports. We used these searches to see if we could find a solution or a workaround.

We also asked the helpdesk of Thomson: they have no explanation of why and when this happens (they experience it as well). This is their workaround:

“What we do is clear the cache and cookies of Internet Explorer, logout of the product and close all open browsers. We then open a fresh browser, log back in to and there are no issues in running reports. I suggest that this be done from time to time as well on your browsers to optimize the performance.”

Our workaround was recreating the report. That second report with exactly the same items in all tests appeared. In that case you have to delete the first report before hitting Execute.


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