FAQ: Error when using conditional statements in CompuStat

CompuStat offers two conditional statements in Step 2 of the request. With these statements you can limit the number of companies in your output, for example by limiting to companies with Sales higher than 1000 (million).

These conditional statements are also used to exclude companies, for example no companies in the financial sector. This means you have to exclude SIC codes between 6000 and 6999. Then you have to use two conditional statements:

  • SIC — Standard Industry Classification Code < 6000
  • SIC — Standard Industry Classification Code > 6999.

When you use two conditional statements, you have to think carefully about the boolean operator between the two statements: in this example AND will give an error message (No matches found).
With AND CompuStat will search for companies with two SIC-codes: one < 6000 and one > 6999. When you use SIC as a conditional statement that’s impossible, because each company has just one code in this particular field.

You have to use OR between the conditional statements – in that case there will be no companies with a SIC code in your output between 6000 and 6999.

conditional statement


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