FAQ: holidays in Datastream

When you download stock data from Datastream the Closing Price (Datatype: P) is repeated when the exchange was closed due to a holiday, like Christmas. If you don’t want this ‘padded data’, you can use the datatype P#S. In that case the data is not repeated – see the example:


In the Excel ribbon for Datastream, under Options, you can set the ‘not available string’. In this example the ‘not available string’ is empty, that’s why the cells are blank when there was a holiday.

Not available

These series also display N/A’s for where the main exchange has a full-day outage due to bad weather, technical problems, strikes, etc.

Datastream has a set of public holiday times series for the equity markets in different countries (these are displayed in the list HOLIDAYS). These time series display a value of 0 for normal business days and N/A’s for public holidays (the N/A depends on the settings under Options – see above). So if you would like to know the holidays in the Netherlands you can use the Mnemonic H:VACS; for the United States the Mnemonic is U:VACS.

For other datatypes you can add the Mnemonic for the holiday time serie to the Mnemonic of the specific serie to display no values for holidays. For example, for a dutch index you can add *(H:VACS+1); for a US index *(U:VACS+1).

holiday 1



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