FAQ: Headers in output from CompuStat Global

Until recently, when you downloaded data from CompuStat Global, the first row of the data contained the header, for example ‘Sales-Turnover (net)’. Unfortunately we now only get the codes used by CompuStat Global in the header.

CompuStat Global headers

You can add the headers to your output manually, but you can also do this:

  • In CompuStat Global open Variable Descriptions at the top of the page.
  • Select and copy the information under Variable Reference – this table contains the codes and the descriptions of (most of) the variables used in CompuStat Global.
  • Paste this in a new excel sheet in the file with your CompuStat data and delete the empty column.
  • In the sheet with the CompuStat data, insert an empty row, above or below the row with the codes.
  • Now you can use the Excel-function Vlookup to add the description. The screening variables, like company status (COSTAT) and country code (FIC) are not in the list and thus not recognized.

CompuStat Global headers2


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