Cross-listings in Bloomberg

The Equity Screening (EQS) module in Bloomberg offers ‘multi-listed’ as a search criterium. This is not shown by default: click 45) More Categories to see more screening criteria – then you will see 39) Multi-Listed (‘screens for securities listed on multiple exchanges’). You can select exchanges or countries from the list.


For example: when you choose ‘Euronext Amsterdam’ and ‘New York’ you will get a list of the companies that are listed on both exchanges and the tickers of these listings. The number of matches is the number of securities. In the list of results you will only see the listings on the exchanges you selected, so it’s possible these companies are listed on other exchanges as well.

result multi-listed

In this example we added the ISINs and the SEDOL codes to the display. The results are grouped by ‘Parent Company’ – you can find that option at the bottom of the screen.



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