FAQ: I only want companies with data for all requested years in my sample – CompuStat

When you download data from CompuStat you specify the time frame of your request at step 1, for example 2004-2013. Some companies will have data for all the years in this time frame, but others have not – because they became a public company after 2004 or were no longer public before 2013.

You can delete ‘incomplete’ companies in Excel, by using the function ‘CountIF’. With this function you count the number of times the identifier of the company appear in the complete list of identifiers. Is that number below the maximum number of years in your sample, then there are missing years.

In the function CountIF you have to enter the Range – that is the column with the identifiers – and the Criteria – that is the cell with the identifier of one particular company. You can drag this function to the end of your list.


We advise to use an identifier, like the Global Company Key, instead of the name, because company names can change.


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