FAQ: How can I find ‘dead’ companies?


Use the function SECF (Security Finder). Open the tab Eqty – you will have more search options there. Search for the name of the ‘dead’ company. When the list is too long, you can limit the results by selecting a particular Trading Status, for example ‘Acquired’. In the list of results, click on the name of the security you think is the correct one. Then choose the DES (Security Description) to get more information about that particular security. In some cases you will see ‘acquired by …’ on top of the page.

Datastream (incl. Worldscope)

In Datastream Navigator select the category Equities (you can find the option ‘Choose a single category’ in the left upper corner). Search by name. In the list of results you can recognize ‘dead’ equities by the greyed out information in the History column. When you click the arrow in front of a name, you can get a preview of the price chart – there you can also see the equity is ‘dead’.
A tip: When you download for example the stock price (datatype = P) for a ‘dead’ equity, the last known value is often repeated (padded). Instead of P enter P#T – then the data is no longer padded.


The ‘Code Lookup’ option in CRSP contains live and dead companies. In the Code Lookup results you can check the column ‘Last Date’.

CompuStat Global/North America

With the Company Lookup you can fin ‘Dead’ companies are included in CompuStat – by default active and inactive companies are included in your output.


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