Bond ISIN to company ISIN

Suppose you created a list with bonds and the accompanying ISIN codes. You can’t use these ISIN codes to download information from the issuer of this bond. But here is way to use the ISIN codes you collected so far to find the ISIN code of the issuer

An example: the ISIN code US44044KAA97 belongs to a bond. To find the ISIN from the company you can use Excel on the Bloomberg terminal.


First you copy US44044KAA97 into B1. In B2 you enter this formula:



In B3 you use the contents of B2 and use concatenate to put “Equity” behind it. Use this formula:

=B2& ” Equity”


The last step is to use this function in cell B4:



to find the ISIN you are looking for.


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