Looking for companies in the Fortune 500 (US/ Global)?

The Fortune 500 is available on the website of CNN Money, but unfortunately no company identifiers are added to the company names. This makes it impossible to upload this list of companies into a financial database.

This is a workaround via Bloomberg:

How can I see a list of Fortune 500 companies?

We do not have an index tracking Fortune’s lists of the highest revenue companies. However, you can search for the list of companies that meet specific criteria on the Equity Screening (EQS) function. To create your equity screen for highest revenue companies, from EQS <GO>: 1) From the “Screening Criteria” section, click “Country of Domicile”. 2) In the “Enter Query” box, start typing a country, then select from the list of options that appears. Note: You may select more than one country or region. 3) After making your selection(s), click the “Update” button. Note: To see Fortune Global companies, skip steps 1-3. 4) In the “Add Criteria” section, in the amber field, start typing “Revenue”, then select “Revenue – Screening/Display Field” from the list that appears. 5) In the drop-down menu below “Revenue”, select “Rank”. In the field next to “Top”, enter the number of companies you want to see, then press <GO>. 6) Click “See Results | WATC” to see the list of companies.

  • To see the list as of a historical date, change the date at the top-right of the screen.
  • To add more data columns, in the “Add Column” field, enter keywords to search for the data you’d like to see. See more on adding columns in the EQS Help Page: LPHP EQS:0:1 1469311 <GO>.
  • To export the results data to Excel, from the toolbar, select “Actions > Output > Excel”.

See more on adding criteria, such as city of domicile, to your screen in the EQS Help Page: LPHP EQS:0:1 998054 <GO> Excel Integration To dynamically download your EQS search results into Excel, you must save your search. From the Results screen, from the toolbar select “Actions > Save”. In the “Name” field, enter a title for the search, then click the “Update” button. To download the results, use a BEQS formula. The syntax is =BEQS(“Screen Name”). For example, if your screen is named “Fortune” the formula is =BEQS(“Fortune”)



2 thoughts on “Looking for companies in the Fortune 500 (US/ Global)?

    • When you have access to Corporate Library/GMI Ratings you can download the CIK numbers from Corporate Library/GMI Ratings – make sure you mark the item CIK to get the CIK-codes in your output. You can find CIK in the box General Information.

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