Cross listings

Some companies have their stock listed at their main exchange, as well as at one or more other exchanges. These companies are called cross-listed companies. To get a list of currently cross-listed companies, you can use both Datastream (blogpost: and Bloomberg (blogpost:

However, you may want to obtain a historical list of cross-listed companies, as information on the moment when a company cross-lists or when it terminates its cross-listing may be of interest. The conventional way of creating a historical sample of cross-listed companies has been to go through exchange websites and company websites.

However, there is a trick in Bloomberg that allows you to obtain a list of cross listed firms more quickly, especially for larger samples. Nonetheless, it still requires substantial time and effort. Moreover, this approach may not give you an exhaustive list of cross listings, i.e. there may be some cross-listings not picked up using this trick. This happens when the stock of a company trades under different company tickers at different exchanges. If you want to have a fully complete list, additional manual searching may still be needed.



  • Bloomberg (zipfile: contains manual, screenshots and an excel file)