Forecasts of analysts (estimates) are gathered by I/B/E/S (Institutional Brokers Estimates System) and Bloomberg. I/B/E/S is available through ThomsonONE and through WRDS (Wharton Research Data Service). ThomsonOne  has access to the most recent, consensus forecasts;  I/B/E/S through WRDS  offers the history and the forecasts of individual analysts.

  • History: I/B/E/S through WRDS has data from 1970 onwards, I/B/E/S guidance 1992. ThomsonONE only contains forecasts made this year.
  • Identifiers: to get data from financial databases like I/B/E/S and ThomsonONE identifiers are needed, these are codes identifying e.g. a company, stock or bond. In I/B/E/S uses CUSIP (8 digits) or Ticker symbol to retrieve the data. I/B/E/S guidance uses an I/B/E/S ticker. ThomsonONE uses ISIN or Sedol codes.
  • Update: I/B/E/S and I/B/E/S guidance are updated once a year, ThomsonONE has daily updates