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Polak building closed, limited EDSC service

The Polak building needs to be renovated and is closed between Monday, July 31, 2017 and Sunday, August 13, 2017. This means that we can’t offer individual support in our office at Y03-17.  Individual use of databases like Bloomberg, Datastream, SDC the Joint Venture module and MorningStar also isn’t possible during that period. If possible we strongly advise you to download your data before July 31. We will still anwser your questions.

It’s possible to ask us to download the data you need. You can send a request to To be able to help you, it’s absolutely necessary that you specify the following information:

  • Database
  • List of identifiers
  • List of data types
  • Time period
  • Annual / quarterly / monthly / daily data
  • (Query)

It’s thesis time!

Extra hours for individual support

We notice that the slots in our calendar for individual appointments are filling up rapidly. That’s why we decided to open up 5 extra hours (weekly) in March, April, May and June.

We don’t put names on a list in case a timeslot opens up. It’s up to you to check our schedule.

New version of Dataverse

The new version has a fresh and easier interface, both for uploading data, as for fellow researchers who wish to use the data you share.

More information on the new version and its possibilities  will be released in the coming weeks.

For more information, support or questions, please contact us at


EDSC winner of ERIM service award 2016

2016 was a remarkable year for the EDSC. We celebrated our 10th anniversary and organized several activities throughout the year. In March the Erasmus Magazine published an interview with Paul Plaatsman about the EDSC. In June we organized a mini symposium. A lot of people attended: researchers, research supporters and data vendors.  Since we also support students so we asked them to join the EDSC student challenge. Last but not least, earlier today the ESDC received the ERIM service award.

Since 2006, ERIM hands out the ERIM Service Award to staff who support research. With the award, ERIM aims to stress the important role of high quality services in enabling top research. The ERIM Management Team selects the winners of this award.

Recipients of this award are support staff at Erasmus University who have contributed proactively and in a client-driven manner to the development of quality tools and infrastructure for management research at ERIM. They set the standard for research services and are an example to their colleagues. Earlier winners have been RePub and the Erasmus Behavioral Lab.

This is what the jury had to say about the EDSC:

“Over the ten years of its existence, the Erasmus Data Service Centre has provided invaluable service to empirical researchers at ERIM working with commercial, public and historical databases. It assists with the acquisition of new databases, facilitates the access to the many databases that this University has, and helps individual researchers (as well as students) to work with the various databases. Under the guidance of Paul Plaatsman, EDSC has proven itself to be very effective, professional, and customer-oriented.”

With this award we are encouraged to offer databases and services to extract data from these databases for years to come! Below are some pictures from the ERIM ceremony award on Wednesday the 14th of December in the Faculty Lounge.

Bureau van Dijk stops with BankScope at the end of this year! (13 October)

At the end of 2016 BankScope will be replaced by a new product called Orbis Bank Focus.

Researchers and students who use Bankscope should take notice that Bankscope data from Bureau van Dijk will be no longer available in 2016. Fitch, one of the key data providers for Bureau van Dijk (BVD) products, will stop working with BvD by the end of 2016. As Fitch owns parts of the data that are used by BvD in Bankscope, BvD is required to delete all data items from their products that are provided through Fitch. BvD is working on an alternative for Bankscope i.e. Orbis Bank Focus. More information on the new BvD product will be shared when we have more details. It is already clear however that the new BVD product will have less historical coverage on banks than Bankscope. We realize that the ending of Bankscope might have an impact on several EUR studies. These are our insights and recommendations, based on what we now know:

–          Researchers and students should take into consideration that Bankscope is no longer available from January 1st   2017

–          Researchers and students should plan and schedule data downloads from Bankscope accordingly and act NOW.

–          It is yet unclear whether Bankscope data will also be retrieved from WRDS. We’ll inform EUR researchers when we have more details on this issue.

–          It is also unclear, whether Fitch will in principle require BvD clients to remove data from storage media and prohibit future use. We don’t expect that this will become a reality, but we cannot exclude this at this moment

Join the EDSC Student Challenge (22 September)

The Erasmus Data Service Centre (EDSC) is celebrating its 10th anniversary. During your studies the EDSC can help you with questions regarding data. We offer financial databases you can consult for your assignments and theses.

Tell me more about this challenge!
Over the course of three weeks we will ask you ten multiple choice questions per week. The questions will be about the EDSC, the databases and services. Almost all the answers to these questions can be found on our website. Sometimes you need to use our databases in EDSC Office (Y03-17) or Bloomberg Class (Y03-18) in the Polak Building.

in it for me?

Each week small prizes (usb sticks and powerbanks) will be allotted to the top participants of that week. Students that have participated in all three rounds compete for the overall prizes. The personal scores will be posted weekly on the EDSC website.

Overall Prizes
1st Samsung tablet
2nd Kobo e-reader
3rd Sennheiser headphone


The official honoring of the winners will be at the end of the month.

Winners of the EDSC Student Challenge (1 November)

The overall winners of the EDSC Student Challenge are:

1st place Jekaterina Kuznecova (405576jk) Tablet
2nd place Niceasia McPerry      (420120nm) Reader
3rd place S Wang (461049sw) Headphones



Weekly EDSC Student Challenge winners

Week 1
S. Wang‎; Jan Pit‎; Sarah Mahyou

Week 2

Jekaterina Kuznecova‎; Niceasia McPerry; Tu Anh Dang
Week 3
Chuyin Liang‎; Mante Abaraviciute

Prizes (USB sticks and powerbanks)‎

New member for the Datateam (1 September )

We are very pleased to inform you we have a new member in our Datateam: Rob Grim

Rob was the first official Data Librarian in the Netherlands, at that time the Datateam of the EDSC was already active. So you can understand we proud to have him on board. Apart from being a member of the Datateam of the EDSC Rob will also work as the liaison librarian for economics and management.

EDSC ready for the new academic year (31 Augustus)

We used the summer to get ready for the new Academic year. We have updated our manuals and put them on another platform (we’ll use WordPress).

We evaluated our workshops and made some small changes to the content. This year we offer all the different workshops once a month. During busy periods we offer an additional workshop every month. The Bloomberg workshop and the Datastream / ThomsonONE one have changed days. The Bloomberg workshop will be organized on Tuesday, Datastream/ThomsonONE moved to Thursday.

From now on our website is only available in English, the Dutch pages will be offline from september 1 2016.

Presentations and Photo’s of the EDSC mini symposium (13 June)

Thursday the 9th of June EDSC organized a mini symposium entitled “Strategic Data Support at the Erasmus University Rotterdam” for their 10th anniversary. Below some photo’s from the photographer Arie Kers.

Also a  link  to all presentations

Along with some links mentioned during the forum:

Crowdsourcing Data Analysis: Do Soccer Referees Give More Red Cards to Dark Skin Toned Players?

Revise and resubmit at Perspectives on Psychological Science (with Silberzahn R., Uhlmann E.L., Martin D. P., Pope B., Nosek B.A., et al.)

OpenAIRE –,


“registry of research data repositories’

Current and former Datateam and Advisory Board

Ready to get started

Paolo and Paul answering questions

Hendrik talking about microdata

Vadym and Jereon talking about super computing

Jay showing data visualisation

Alina and Arjan presenting ECSCR

All presenters

Networking during the break

and after the break, the forum discussion

the forum members

Interview about the EDSC in Erasmus Magazine
(22 March)

This month the EDSC exist exactly 10 years. That’s why Erasmus Magazine published an interview with Paul Plaatsman about the Erasmus Data Service Center. The news item is called “Celebrating ten years of first aid for complex data” and you read it on the website of Erasmus Magazine.

EDSC organizes mini symposium for their 10th anniversary (15 March)

To celebrate the lustrum year a mini symposium will be organized by the Erasmus Data Service Centre (EDSC) on Thursday the 9th of June. After 5 short presentations about different aspects of research data we will have a discussion with researchers with statements by you, our audience. We think we have an interesting program with an inspiring interaction between researchers, data supporters and data vendors. Afterwards there will be drinks and time to socialize with fellow research data users. You can register through Click on this  link for the poster of the mini symposium.


Anniversary EDSC (1 March)

Exactly 10 year ago today the E Erasmus Data Service Centre (EDSC) started. We celebrate this festive moment with cake today and a mini symposium the 9th of June and the EDSC student challenge in the fall.